A Dark Shadow Descends over Chicago

July 11, 2020. Chicago, IL – Rem Alternis Productions presents the world-wide launch of the Chicago Shadows promotional trailer. The trailer showcases a new sci-fi/fantasy web series concept, depicting a dystopian society where magic is a volatile wild card.

Watch the first promotional trailer for Chicago Shadows, an upcoming limited series created by Rem Alternis Productions. The teaser follows a futuristic spellslinger as she attempts to escape a merciless assassin in the streets of Chicago 2078, where the rich trample the poor in their bid for corporate mastery. Advanced technologies feature side-by-side with arcane powers in a darkly imagined future. The trailer delivers a fantastic world beset with dangers. As a promotional showcase, Rem Alternis developed the trailer with the goal of producing a full web series.

The series follows Curie and her team of street mercenaries, working for the very corporations they hate. The shadows are a treacherous place to operate leaving the team fighting for their lives, crushed between dispassionate corporations and violent street gangs. A chance encounter sends her team into unknown territory and the only life she knows is torn away. Can Curie survive the shadows or will she lose everything, another lost soul in the gutter?

Rem Alternis Productions is a woman-owned production company creating socially relevant stories that will introduce new audiences to cyberpunk and fantasy based settings. The company is producing content with a diverse set of creatives such as writers, actors, makeup artists, film makers, and other creators. This work has garnered excitement from thousands of fans and followers through its successful kickstarter in 2019.

Before releasing the Chicago Shadows promotional trailer, Rem Alternis produced the ‘Doomsday’ video used to launch the sixth edition of the Shadowrun tabletop RPG at GenCon 2019. Rem Alternis is powering additional content, including an upcoming graphic series with an associated liveplay that will join our current stable of exciting Twitch streams. They also offer a wide suite of services such as voice training, writing, social media, and editing services.

Jason Hardy, Line Developer of Shadowrun says, “Neon, swords, dragons, and orks–what’s not to love? I want to dig into that world, watch it fall apart, and cheer for the people trying to put it together again.”

“The AR is above and beyond and looked really dope, pretty pro stuff.”  says Opti, Neo-Anarchist Podcast and Fragging Unicorn Games. “That has all the elements I am looking for in the cyber assassin.”

For more information on Chicago Shadows or Rem Alternis, contact MasterofRem from Rem Alternis Productions by visiting https://www.remalternis.com/main/contact-us/. Follow @remalternis on Twitter to stay up to date and learn about the upcoming releases.

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