Wow! We did it. We actually did it.

I mean… of course we did it. There was never any doubt! Right?!


Our Kickstarter campaign went live 12 July, 2019. We set a goal of $15,000 and had thirty days to make that happen. Of course, this wasn’t the start of the process, a lot of time and effort went into planning the campaign. We set up our social media platforms, started making connections, and went deep into the nuts and bolts of what makes a Kickstarter campaign successful.

When we launched, we were floored by the initial response. Within 72 hours, we had reached $5,000. ‘They’ say that 80% of projects that pass the 20% mark ultimately reach their goal as we had over 30% in just 3 days! There was plenty of excitement for our crew.

Of course, it slowed down after that. Which is normal, but it felt like a kick in the pants. What weren’t we doing that would keep up the momentum? What were we missing? It’s hard not to second guess yourself when you’re counting the minutes between pledges and those minutes stretch out into days.

Still, we reached the halfway point on target, just in time for Gen Con, the biggest table-top gaming convention of the year. We had big plans for Gen Con. We had buttons and stickers and email lists. Let me tell you, though… Gen Con is huge and there is just so much going on. I wouldn’t say we failed to capitalize on the opportunity, but we sure did learn some big lessons about scheduling and marketing during large, live events.

In the week following Gen Con, our tally was creeping higher and our reach was growing. We hit 2,500 twitter followers, which is no small feat. Then, in the last 48 hours, with just over $10,000 raised, we went into ‘Super Go Mode’.

All of that culminated in a final push in the last 48 hours, capstoned with a live stream Q&A with most of the team. We hung out and talked about the project, about our favorite games, stories we’ve loved over the years. It was a great time for all of us, and meanwhile that tally just kept growing.

The moment it jumped from about $600 to go to FUNDED is one we’ll never forget. After all of the hard work, the planning, talking about it with everyone who would listen, and the fear…

There it was. We did it. Except… YOU did it.

All of this was about showing you something and hoping you would believe in it with us. And you did.

For that, we want to say thank you.

For every sub, for every share. For every like, for every comment. For every pledge. For every one of you AMAZING people. You mean the world to us.

Thank you so much.

– MasterofRem