Announcing: Coddlesworth’s Clockwork Circus

Separated for thousands of years, two halves of one world are reunited when the veil between them falls away. One is an ancient land of magic and wonder; the other a host to societies profiting from an ongoing industrial revolution. As the technologies of magic and science come together, the world moves in new directions. The world’s greatest minds strive to solve the mystery behind the ages-long separation—and the revelation of an ancient threat emerges.

But the mightiest nations are powerless without an enigmatic key, lost to myth and legend. So, the burden falls upon the shoulders of a traveling circus and its merry troupe to find the truth… and halt a reactivated doomsday clock.


Rem Alternis is proud to announce the partnership with Like Clockwork to publish “Coddlesworth’s Clockwork Circus,” written by our very own Danny Oliver and illustrated by Slobodan Jovanovich. The first issue is nearly complete, and we’re excited to present it to the world.

Danny has been writing stories for decades and immersed himself into the gaming industry, releasing the Shadowrun Missions module “A Little Wetwork” (available at Drive Thru RPG) before joining the Catalyst Game Labs team as the Missions Developer. His writing credits include the newly released “Slip Streams” plot sourcebook and an upcoming threats sourcebook, along with three pending adventure module releases.

Slobodan is an established freelance artist that has illustrated his share of independent comics, as well as keeping a very busy commission schedule. You can find his art in “Northern Steele,” “Future Primitive,” and the animated film “To Your Last Death” featuring William Shatner and Morena Baccarin. He’s also done concept art for Fragging Unicorn Games, developing the setting for “Gangs of the Undercity.”

In “Coddlesworth’s Clockwork Circus,” we explore a steampunk-fantasy setting as the world rediscovers magic, lost for thousands of years. Following the story of Drum and Imari, two halflings who set out into the world hoping to carve a place for themselves in the legends of their people. On the way, we’ll discover the greater world alongside them as they find a place in the titular “clockwork circus,” a traveling theater featuring automatons and other steam powered contraptions.

Along with the graphic series, we hope to present this world as a setting for your own Dungeons and Dragons adventures. We’ll be developing a World Anvil site with information as it is revealed, along with putting together adventure modules, source material, and digital tokens for your use.

We also have a few other surprises up our sleeves. We’re excited about this project and hope you are, too.

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