Chicago Shadows

Living between the cracks of society and eeking out a living in the criminal underworld, there are those who live their lives between the neon lights of the world’s metroplexes and the dim shadows of the alleys and forgotten places. Some survive with charm and wit, others cordite and steel, and a rare few are gifted with the ability to touch the magic that has returned to the world. None of it is easy. All of it is deadly. One wrong move will push you from the dim shadows to the blackness of death in a blink.

This is the place where 3D, Bulldog, Curie, Floyd, Hood, and Cor ply their skills and make their names.

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Episode Summaries

0.01: Trailer

It’s 2075, and Chicago is broken. If you don’t control a corporation or work for one, you’re nothing, and you’ll most likely slip through the cracks. But some use those broken shadows to do what they do best – jobs no one else can or wants to do. But things don’t always go smoothly…


Fate brings Curie and the team together and she is drafted to help them with a rescue mission. All goes according to plan until Curie reveals a hidden side that threatens the team.


Hood debates the merits of bringing a mage onto the team. The team runs interference with the Vory for a contact and a gang confrontation turns deadly.


The team mourns their loss while Hood contemplates his mission. A straightforward smash and grab turns into something far more complicated when a dark memory is triggered.


The team rushes to find a street doc. At Clox boxing club, Bulldog steps in the ring, and the team finds more than they bargain for when they are made by a Vory gang boss they’d previously crossed.


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Basic Information

Name: Unknown
Aliases: Hood
Status: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Subrace: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Nat/Cit: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Gender: Male
Weight: Unknown
Eyes Color: Unknown
Build: Unknown
Hair Color: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Complexion: Unknown
Talent: Unknown
Scars/Marks: Unknown

Query data minimal. DARK file opened.

DARK rating: 1



Basic Information

Name: Evelyn Conrad
Aliases: Cor
Status: Active
Date of Birth: 20561010
Subrace: Ork
Place of Birth: Atlanta, CAS
Nat/Cit: CAS
Height: 2.1m
Gender: Female
Weight: 102 kg
Eyes Color: Green
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Occupation: Mercenary
Complexion: Tan
Talent: Augmented
Scars/Marks: Numerous

Augmented street soldier. Specializes in distanced liquidation of problematic liabilities. Training received through military vocation. Extent of augmentations unknown.

DARK rating: 7



Basic Information

Name: Unknown
Aliases: Bulldog
Status: Active
Date of Birth: Unknown
Subrace: Human
Place of Birth: Unknown
Nat/Cit: Australia
Height: 1.9m
Gender: Male
Weight: 127 kg
Eyes Color: Grey
Build: Brick drekhouse
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Occupation: Hoopkicker
Complexion: Ruddy
Talent: Augmented
Scars/Marks: Numerous

An augmented street soldier, the DARK operative has a clean track record. Bulldog provides suitable transportation for tasks requiring hot exfil. Extent of augmentations unknown, but considerable. Prefers assault and close quarters combat.

DARK rating: 8



Basic Information

Name: None of your Business Chump!
Aliases: 3D, The Dashing Duke of Dataheim and don’t you forget it!
Status: Whatever he wants it to be.
Date of Birth: Wiser than his years Subrace: Trolls RULE!!
Place of Birth: Mama’s kitchen floor Nat/Cit: Man of the World
Height: Pretty Tall Gender: Male
Weight: RUDE question
Eyes Color: Green
Build: Sexy!
Hair Color: Brown
Occupation: HACKER!!!!! Obviously
Complexion: Well taken care of
Talent: Hacking your stupid network you nosey git!
Scars/Marks: Pristine

He’s the best hacker around. Stop being nosey. You want info on me just drop me a comm at 1-800-EAT-BITS!

DARK rating: A Billion!


Arcane Support

Basic Information

Name: Unknown
Aliases: Curie
Status: Active
Date of Birth: 20541020
Subrace: Human
Place of Birth: United Kingdom
Nat/Cit: UK
Height: 1.62m
Gender: Female
Weight: 59 kg
Eyes Color: Green
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Brown
Occupation: Unknown
Complexion: Fair
Talent: Magician: Science; Thermal extraction
Scars/Marks: Unknown

Sparse information available on the magician known as Curie. Recent addition to DARK operatives, Curie is a magician specializing in thermal extraction, able to weaponize cold. Generally seen in a traditional labcoat and speaks with an English accent.

DARK rating: 5



Basic Information

Name: Unknown
Aliases: Floyd
Status: Active
Date of Birth: Unknown
Subrace: Human
Place of Birth: Chicago, UCAS
Nat/Cit: US
Height: 2.0m
Gender: Male
Weight: 82 kg
Eyes Color: Blue
Build: Slim
Hair Color: Black
Occupation: Unknown
Complexion: Fair
Talent: Gifted; Social Aptitude Scars/Marks: None

Former grifter turned professional. Floyd is gifted, converting magical energy into social agency. Lacks augmentations, relying on innate ability. Avoids combat when possible, unsuitable for solo tasks requiring violent action.

DARK rating: 8

First Reactions to Chicago Shadows Trailer

Interview with the Creators of Chicago Shadows

Meet the Creators of Rem Alternis

The Rem Alternis Support Cast

The team at Rem Alternis is working hard to make Chicago Shadows a reality, but without our community we might as well pack it in and leave it to the faceless corporations. Together, we’ll bring something special to the mean streets. Of course, we have to give a resounding shout-out to each our Kickstarter backers. You are the vanguard and we are forever grateful for your support!

Our (Un)Deniable Assets

In every major sprawl, there are names whispered in the dark; legendary operatives who’ve etched their names into eternity.

Aaron Dykstra
Erik da’ MAJ

The Inner Circle

Every city has its puppet masters pulling strings and pushing hidden agendas. Chicago is no exception.

Adrian Roselli
Benjamin Mobley
Catalyst Game Labs
Matthew Ian Stanford

Shadow “Fixers”

The cornerstone of the shadow economy, these movers and shakers hide in plain sight, quietly greasing the skids for each op.

Amara Moellers
Andrew Allen
Cosmic Flux
Dorian Gray
Jessica Van Camp
Mario DiGirolamo
Mike Ostrego
Robert “Vandalious” McKittrick
Ryan Kopina
Todd Gizzi

Cyber Samurai

These veteran operatives doing the heavy lifting, taking on their share of the work and giving back to the community when they can.

Daniel and Jennifer Trout
David Linch
Dusty Wilson
Hjal Nelson
James Schiffert
Madison ‘Jack’ Macklin
Mark Scheef
Nathan “Elstin” Dowey
Rod Holdsworth
Susan Thomas
Terry Winter
Thomas Kuhl
Vincent Catanzaro

New Recruits

Every eager rookie pulls their weight and then some.

Bishop and Chapel
Catalino Tolejano
Chris Russo
Craig “Stevo” Stephenson
Danny Yūn
Erica “Vulpinfox” Schmitt
Geoff Raye
Gilles Vincent
Hunter Koerner
Ian Franklin
Ian Howard
JP & Jean Meisenburg
Jennifer Dust
Joey Sanchez
John Stiens
Kristin Story
Mak Meurer
Martin Juarez
Matt Fullhart
Michael & Whitney Kum
Michael J. Ciaravella
Nick P
Rebekah Dulski
Thomas-Alexandre Vincent

Street Connections

Every contact is crucial to the operatives working the shadows. They would otherwise blunder in the darkness.

Adam Large
Adam Pyle
Anders Blom
Austin Rusk
Benjamin Trefz
Bernie Monsanto
Chad McInturff
Christopher Hatchitt
Dan C. Wlodarski, A.B.D.
Dan Lamm
Denise Notman
Drew Pessarchick
Erik Damm
Erin M
Evan Griggs
Gérard Kraus
Ian Michael James
Jacob Bulfin
Jim Lai
Kat Amaranth
Lisa and David Lyons
Marcus Anderson
Mark Richman
Nancy Carpenter
Peter Krysinski
R. Ledertheil
Reverendo Fastjack
Rick Heinz
Rob MacLennan
Robert “Banshee” Volbrecht
Robert B.
Roger D Pray Jr
Shaun Pagels
Steve Salem
Stryk Redkite
The Geek Forge
Timothy Chandler
Tom Hull
Will Hochella
William Tyler Herring


Barak Austin
Bennett Wilson
Chris Callicoat
Chris and Jo
Daniel Sims
Élie Lemieux-Huard
Emperor Chow
Florian Urbanek
John LeMaire
Karl Knutson
Keese Lane
Leaton Chuter
Manuel Echevarria
Mark Riggleman
Martyn Smedley
Michael Bielaczyc
Mike Elkins
Myrad (Mark Gossage)
Peter W Palmer, 417
Russell Ventimeglia
Ryan Trottier
Sean Poynter
Stephan Neufang
Tommy Girouard-Belhumeur
Troy George

Doomsday in the Sixth World

In June 2019, we had the privilege of partnering with Catalyst Game Labs on a promotional video for Shadowrun.

The video’s goal was to raise hype for the 30th anniversary of Shadowrun, announce the official release date for 6th edition’s Beginners Box Set, and tease at what is to come in the next few books, especially the Shadowrun Sixth World core rulebook. We had only 8 days to pull a video together. With our dedicated team and supporters, we were able to pull it off!

Take a look at the video, and join us in our love of Shadowrun as we enter the Sixth World!

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