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Rem – MasterofRem

Rem Alternis, CEO/Executive Producer

Rem's Story

Rem fell in love with acting as a teen, when a little girl at the renaissance fair thought she was a real fairy. Since then, she escapes from the real world in books, gaming, and acting. In her free time, she also enjoys fencing, archery, learning new skills, and living new adventures.

Rem created Rem Alternis Productions in the Fall of 2018, out of the desire to share some of the stories she so loves. 

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” -Game of Thrones

Teslan – Teslan (Tom) Kierinhawk

Thomas Augstein, Director of Special Projects

Thomas's Story

Tom is also known in the Shadows as Teslan Kierinhawk. Wait, you don’t know who that is??? Well that suits him just fine as it’s the Shadows, folks. Tom has been involved with RPG’s and creative endeavors since the 1990s. He has been GMing Rolemaster, Dresden Files Accelerated and Shadowrun Missions, at conventions such as Gencon, Origins, and regional conventions since 2015. He primarily makes his scratch in Information Technology, but his true interest lies in building things. Hardware, software, websites, mechanical gizmos, or woodworking; it doesn’t matter – it’s all just pieces that need to get put together to do something.

Ava – SilithDark

Ava Rogers, Director of Crowdfunding/Podcast Producer

Ava's Story

Ava Rogers is three perpetually exhausted raccoons in a trenchcoat masquerading as a 27 year old woman in the Pacific Northwest United States. One raccoon runs or plays TTRPG campaigns. The second raccoon does podcast editing and scripting. The third is obsessed with speculative fiction and writing novels. When not being constantly distracted by shiny things on the internet, the three work well together for planning and organizing events such as the 2021 Rem Alternis Stream-a-thon.

Bri – Bri_lee95

Brianna, Marketing Director

Bri's Story

Brianna is new to gaming and rpgs, but she is slowly getting pulled into our world. She manages our social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and creates promotional material for our various projects and streams. Additionally, she designs our newsletter to keep all of you wonderful people up-to-date on Rem’s ventures. Some of her biggest obsessions include true crime documentaries and her cat named Tom.

Sierra – Sierra721

Sierra, Director of Human Resources & Sensitivity

Sierra's Story

Sierra is new to the world of gaming, but loves watching others have a good time. That being said, you can find her stepping in to keep the peace if ever an HR situation arises. In her free time, you can find her talking to her rabbit, buying enough candles to create a potential fire hazard, and obsessing over all things ice cream-related.

Derekah – dubdubs11

Derekah Kingery, YouTube Producer

Derekah's Story

Derekah is a Hufflepuff and a lover of people, which has easily translated into a lover of games. Eager to spend quality time with her husband, over the years she has said “why not” to learning Magic the Gathering, D&D 5e, and board games based on nerdy things her husband is an avid fan of including Dark Souls ™: the Board Game and Dune. She now loves all of them. They are her things now. In addition to being a part of the Episodicals’ cast, Derekah is the Supervising Producer for the Rem Alternis Youtube.

Thomas – Inkspiller

Thomas A. Vincent, Twitch Producer

Thomas's Story

Thomas is a print-art specialist from Montreal, Canada. An avid TTRPG gamer since childhood, he joined the Shadowrun community later in life by traveling to conventions and bribing content creators and writers with maple syrup laced whiskey. He joined Rem Alternis after meeting Sarah at one such event in 2019 and has been involved as a cast member, stream technician, editor and graphic designer ever since.

Winston – WTL3rd

Winston Taylor Lewis III, YouTube Producer / Game Designer

Winston's Story

Pastor, game designer, actor, learning designer and critic of all things corporation, the only thing more extensive than Winston’s rants on movies, games and music, is his all encompassing theory on “the gospel in everything.” Don’t get him started. Or do, it’s your friendship.

John – Panabon/John

John McDonald, Social Media Manager

John's Story

John McDonald (sometimes Panabon and sometimes Panajohn) (pronouns he/they) doesn’t just assist with social media. You’ll find them diving into a new love for all manner of tabletop and virtual games. John loves to use the improv style of tabletop gaming to influence his writing career as an openly gay artist and hopes to be as loved and iconic as Stephen Sondheim someday. He also knows the whole score to Little Shop of Horrors and isn’t afraid to embrace his inner Wes Anderson. Stab along with Panabon and enjoy Panajohn’s shenanigans all year long in the Rem Alternis family.

Jaci – Janatee

Jaclyn Lewis, Fulfillment Manager (she/they)

Jaclyn's Story

A wrangler of both packages and players, Jaclyn runs the friendly neighborhood courier service for Rem Alternis. She has been making custom plushies, nerdy accessories, and LGBTQ+ pride gear out of yarn, art film, and love since 2017, which have gone out to nonprofit organizations, her own shop’s patrons, and winners of Rem and other giveaways. Their job at Rem is putting nerdy things in boxes and making sure they make their way safely to you all! When not crafting or packing, she runs TTRPG games for local youth at OutFront Kalamazoo and Fire Arts Collaborative while trying desperately not to let the party devolve into utter chaos.

Alex – RoyseEmerald

Alex, Communications Manager

Alex's Story

Alex is a long-time nerd (her favorite TTRPG is Pathfinder 1e!) with a love for dice. She primarily works on newsletters and other communication- and marketing-focused tasks for Rem Alternis. In her spare time she plays games, reads romance novels, and spends time spoiling her partner and two fluffy dogs.

Lily – lil bezos

Lily, Communications Manager

Lily's Story

Lily’s love of gaming started with Pokémon and Lego Star Wars, still playing both today. She played her first D&D campaign with Sarah from Rem in October ‘21 and hasn’t looked back. Hoping for others to discover the magic that is fantasy gaming and content, she’s on the communication team, helping wherever she can and writing the monthly newsletter. In her free time, she’s doing makeup, hanging out with her friends and family, and probably annoying her cat, Toast.

Toni – Schleny

Toni Schlenvogt, Discord Community Manager

Toni's Story

Toni Schlenvogt (Schleny) ives in the upper Midwest with their two cats Mara-Jade and Stjernelys. Toni is usually up for playing deception games but if playing solo they circle back to rpgs. If asked they will say that they have too many hobbies, but still want to pick up more. They joined an Among Us stream November  2020 and stuck around to play on Episodicals 3 and join RA core.

Chris – penaal

Chris, Actor

Chris's Story

Chris is a long time fan of nerd culture. Comics, anime, movies, martial arts and music are all things that hold his fancy. He draws heavily on these things to play fun and food obsessed characters in the different shows that he is part of. When he isn’t pretending to slay dragons with love and thunder; wrestling demons in hell; or stealing information from technomages with lube bullets; he is making sure kids aren’t body slamming each other in hallways and collects swords and axes.

Danny – Coddlesworth

Danny, Author / Creator

Danny's Story

Danny is the author of “Coddlesworth’s Clockwork Circus,” an epic fantasy graphic series set in a steampunk world. That same world also serves as the setting his Twitch stream with Rem Alternis, “Like Clockwork.” He’s also one of Rem Alternis’s music producers and technical writing editors.
Besides his graphic series, Danny has been published in multiple sourcebooks for the “Shadowrun” TTRPG and spent four years as the lead developer for “Shadowrun Missions,” before resigning to focus on his world building and writing for CCC.
After spending time as a rave/club DJ in the late 90s and early aughts, he still produces continuous dance mixes once a year along with a variety of music projects geared towards his interests in tabletop gaming. His tendency to mix the fantasy elements of most RPGs into the foundations of EDM creates a unique style of beat driven music to play around the gaming table.
Learn more about the world of “Coddlesworth’s Clockwork Circus” at https://www.clockworkcirc.us.com/
For Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, look for @coddlesworth
And find hours of continuous house and techno dance mixes at:


Elizabeth, Editing Manager

Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth has been an avid reader and gamer since she was a little kid. As she got older, she fell in love with tabletop games, such as Pathfinder, D&D 5e and ShadowRun. Having been both player and Dungeon Master, she’s found a love of storytelling. In her spare time, she spends quality time with her husband, and her cat, Scooter. She also loves making candles and writing.


E. Robert Wilson, Community Manager

Robert's Story

E. Robert Wilson is a “red box” gamer, Star Wars and Shadowrun fan, but also an admitted agent of chaos. Robert can usually be found in twitch chat or on Discord, and played Billy Berzerker for a season of live streamed SR5 Missions that was GM’d by Robert Loper. When approached to join Rem Alternis, Robert was shown an ‘organization chart’, wondered why Rem would want to throw a chaotic um.. good “Kinder mage”* into the mix, and promptly made a punny joke for Sarah Krause’s benefit. *ie there is a short human race in a popular fantasy game’s setting about dragons and lances, that has problematic stereotyping, but has many positive qualities that Robert identifies with at the game table.

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